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The Tease  450
One Outfit, One Set

Ten+ Edited Digital Files
One Hour on Set, Typically Twenty Minutes of Shooting

The Bombshell  850

Twenty+ Edited Digital Files
Two Hours on Set, (Typically Forty Minutes of Shooting and Two Outfits)

The Headliner  1550

Professional Hair and Makeup
Thirty+ Edited Digital Files
Four Hours on Set, (Typically Sixty Minutes of Shooting and Three Outfits)

The Showstopper  2450

Professional Hair and Makeup + Second Hair and Makeup Look

Fifty+ Edited Digital Files
Six Hours on Set, (Typically Eighty Minutes of Shooting and Three Outfits)

Must book before August 12th for 30% off!
Dates available through October 9th

50% Due to Book Session - Non Refundable. Does Not Transfer to Another Date.

50% Due 14 Days Out - Non Refundable. Transferable to Another Date with 24 Hours Notice.

Cancellations made within 24 hours of your session are not eligible for refund or rescheduling for any reason. Discounts do not transfer.


30% Off, Now 315

30% Off, Now 595

30% Off, Now 1085

30% Off, Now 1715

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